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Power water pump


Technical Parameters:

model CY-431C
Form type Side hung
Clutch engagement speed (R / min) 3200-3400
Power transmission mode Automatic centrifugal clutch
Blade rotation direction anti-clockwise
Speed ratio one point two five
Noise (A) Idle speed (A) ≤80
High speed idling (A) ≤102
Matching power parameters model 139F
Form type Single cylinder air cooling four stroke
Displacement (ML) thirty-three point five
Rated power (kw) Zero point eight
Rated speed (R / min) Seven hundred
Starting mode recoil start
Ignition mode Contactless transistor ignition
fuel 93 gasoline
Brand of lubricating oil Four stroke oil
Fuel tank volume (L) one point two five
Fuel consumption rate (g / kW. H) ≤340
Using cutting tools Nylon grass head, 2 teeth, 3 teeth, 4 teeth, 8 teeth, 40 teeth, 80 teeth blades and alloy blades
Maximum allowable cutting diameter (mm) Forty
Gross weight (kg) Nine point five
Package size (CM) 31.5*24*35