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Technical Parameters:

model CY-430A
form typeSide hung
clutch engagement speed (R / min)3200-3400
Power transmission modeAutomatic centrifugal clutch
blade rotation directionCounter clockwise
speed ratio1.25
noise (a)Idle speed (a)≤80
High speed idling (a)≤102
matching power parametersModel1E40F-5A
Form typeSingle cylinder air cooling two stroke
Displacement (ML)42.7
Rated power (kw)1.25
Rated speed (R / min)8500
Starting modeHand pull recoil starting
Ignition modeContactless transistor ignition
Fuel oil93 ᦇ gasoline and two-stroke oil mixture, the ratio is 25:1
Brand of lubricating oilSpecial two stroke oil
Fuel tank volume (L)1.25
Fuel consumption rate (g / kW. H)≤690
using cutting toolsNylon grass head, 2 teeth, 3 teeth, 4 teeth, 8 teeth, 40 teeth, 80 teeth blades and alloy blades
maximum allowable cutting diameter (mm)40
gross weight (kg)9.5
Package size (CM)31.5*24*35