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Strengthen the supervision, high quality to complete the machinery deep loose ground work

Release time: 2020/11/27 9:00:46

Organize as soon as possible each village agricultural machinery station head to hold the working meeting, transmits the agricultural machinery deep loosens the project related policy, implements the operation to supervise and inspect earnestly. Strictly supervise and urge the technicians of the electronic monitoring equipment manufacturer to install and debug monitoring equipment accurately, explain the equipment use and operation matters need attention comprehensively and carefully, reduce the monitoring error, and ensure the operation quality meets the standard. Actively carry out spot supervision, spot check and inspection, further urge operators to perform professional ethics, and provide the best operation quality. Strengthen social supervision, sunshine operation, comprehensive publicity and disclosure of important information, solicit farmers' opinions, effectively improve the quality of operations. In strict accordance with the remote electronic monitoring data and on-site verification results as the basis for the confirmation of the subsidy operation area and the distribution of subsidy funds, the occurrence of fraud and illegal operations shall be resolutely eliminated.