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Zhejiang strengthens the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy supports the subsidy policy

Release time: 2020/11/27 8:52:32

We will improve trials for subsidizing new products. The pilot subsidy for new agricultural machinery products of the central government has been adjusted to include three items: complete equipment for pig breeding, complete equipment for waste disposal, greenhouses for standardized facilities and ancillary equipment. Food fungi bottling (bag) machine adjusted for the central agricultural machinery subsidies "non-general category", no longer included in the provincial agricultural machinery subsidies products. Two kinds of new central agricultural machinery products, including complete set of pig raising equipment and complete set of waste disposal equipment, shall be implemented in accordance with detailed Rules for the Implementation of Subsidies for Complete set of Pig Production Equipment of Zhejiang Province (Annex 2). In order to facilitate the implementation of the policy, the complete set of pig raising equipment and waste disposal equipment purchased before the implementation of this circular on January 1, 2020 May apply for subsidy funds according to the provisions. The scale of subsidies for new agricultural machinery products of the central government shall be controlled within 10% of the total scale of the provincial central funds. Those unable to enjoy subsidies in the current year due to insufficient scale of pilot funds may be given priority to receive subsidies in the next year.

Optimize the implementation of subsidy policies for the purchase of agricultural machinery :(1) develop the qualification of subsidy machinery to acquire credit. For products whose qualification of subsidized products is fully covered and which have not obtained agricultural machinery test and appraisal certificate (Agricultural Machinery Popularization Appraisal Certificate), the inspection report (including basic configuration, main technical indexes and performance, etc.) issued by qualified inspection and testing institutions can be accepted. 2. Optimizing the subsidy handling mode. To promote the use of mobile apps and "Zheli Office" mobile terminals to apply for subsidies. We will carry out the auxiliary management system of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, which will be open all year round, and the enterprise network files will be accepted all year round. We will implement the time limit for accepting subsidy applications and handling funds, and accelerate the review and settlement of applications. (3) Strengthening the disclosure of information. It is necessary to improve and update the open channels and content in a timely manner to ensure the smooth operation of open telephones. The system of real-time disclosure of fund use progress and subsidy benefit publicity is implemented. The publicity time of subsidy benefit information is 20 days. After the end of annual subsidy work, the information of annual subsidy beneficiary farmers should be timely disclosed.